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Why social causes are so important for your business

Helping others is something that everyone should do not only occasionally but more frequently. Many big companies have realized that giving is something they should necessarily do – and not only for their good image and reputation, for the revenues and for their business growth, but also for helping others in any way they can. The larger the business, the greater the impact. However, even the smallest companies can find a way to contribute to a social cause in any way they can. We believe that every act of kindness and help matters and every business should engage in a social cause, no matter how big or small it is. When we realize that we can do something that can benefit the lives of others, we have the possibility to leave a positive impact on the society. On а daily basis, we see different examples of companies contributing to different social causes – from engaging in activities to keep the environment clean and reduce the air pollution, to building local schools or supporting universities. Long-term investing in social causes shows that you believe in your ability to make a positive impact and that you are willing to give back to those who believed in you. This will gain you more popularity and faithful supporters, and, the more popularity and supporters you can gain from a social cause, the more impact you can have on society. Below we have listed some tips on how to choose a social cause and what it is important to consider as well.

Financing a social cause is not the only way you can contribute

Offering a financial support to some cause is what most businesses do but this is not the only way to make a successful collaboration and contribute to a good social cause. Businesses have to be creative and imaginative not only when developing their products and services, but also when they want to help others. A cause can be supported in many ways and sometimes one-time funding may not be as useful as businesses hope it would be. As mentioned, every business has to find its way to contribute to the society. As an example, we are an app development company and what we could do to support one extremely humane cause was to offer them to create a free app for the benefits of the society.

Find out what is dear to you and your team

Sometimes it can be more difficult to decide what social cause to support, especially if you have many options. Although it is good to support as many social causes as you can, it is important to ask yourself and your employees if a given social cause is something you all are passionate about. If you love what you do it will always have a positive impact on the outcome.   When your team believes in the cause they will work with passion. And if your company doesn’t have a social cause identified yet, ask your team and make the decision together. That will create inspiration and your team will be much more productive and motivated. You can also gather your team to brainstorm of different ways you are able to make your contribution. As we mentioned, funding is not the only way – you can find different ways to contribute to the society.

Customers do acknowledge your work

Social causes have benefits in the long term as well.. One of them is that your customers see what you do and that may win their loyalty. By choosing social cause that is dear for many people, you can win customers for a lifetime. It is in our human nature to help other people and customers are willing to stick around businesses that support social causes, which match with their core values. Studies have found that 94% of customers will choose a brand connected to a social cause. Customers are also interested about the social causes businesses engage in. So engage in a social cause and be open about it – let customers know that you care and be fully dedicated to that social cause.

This will bring popularity to your brand

Another benefit, aside from the fact that you support a good cause, is that your brand will gain more popularity. Some of the social causes have the media’s interest from the beginning and that will put you under the spotlight. In addition, customers will tell other customers – word of mouth is a powerful tool when creating the image of your business and, if customers see that you create a positive impact on society, they will share it with others as well.

Investors notice that as well

Searching for investors may be hard and the company’s image is important for attracting them. Involvement in a social cause is a sign that your company is well managed. In DigiMark we strongly believe in and follow these advices. Our application Donate Blood is a great example. The app’s main focus is to make blood donation easier and help people in need. For us blood donation is among the most humane acts and that’s why this cause is so close to us and we decided to support it in the best way possible – by making a great and useful app.

Donate Blood – the app we develop to save lives Donate Blood was a way we could contribute to the society and help saving people’s lives. We are aware that on a daily basis, there are hundreds of people, who need blood donation and it can be difficult to find a donor quickly. In such cases, every minute counts. We worked together with Donate Blood, who had the idea to turn this humane cause into a digital solution that will save the lives of many people in need. For us it was a pleasure to create such an app – we had the ability to blend in a good cause with technology in order to help people the best way we can. The main idea of the app is to help people who need blood donation to find quickly blood donators. The app had to be simple to use and to enable people who need blood donation to quickly request for and find a blood donator. Users have to enter their contact details, blood type, location, hospital and additional comments (if necessary). In this case, the person who is in need for blood can be easily located, contacted and helped. People in need can find a donator who is nearby with just one click. And what could be the impact of such a small app? Well the numbers speak from themselves:


The cause we dedicated ourselves to is slightly different from the usual social causes, but we believe that if we can turn this project into a multinational one, we have the potential to help people worldwide. We believe that businesses should engage in such causes because at the end the good impact from your business matters the most.

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